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The Jazz Perpetrators will be in “do good” mode as they provide music to sip & swing by for this year’s edition of the Goshen Farm Java & Jazz fund raiser on Sunday, March 11.

The event will take place at the Cape St. Claire Clubhouse, 1223 River Bay Road in Cape St. Claire (Annapolis 21409) and will run from 3 to 5 pm. Attendees will enjoy a wide selection of mouth-watering goodies and hot & cold beverages, along with the Perps’ patented “high spirits, low volume” musical entertainment.

Last year’s “Specialty Farm House” Coffees (two specialty coffee drinks made with locally sourced ingredients) were such a hit that they’re on the menu again this year. Come taste what you can’t get at a chain coffee shop:

First up (alphabetically) is Farmhouse Moonshine Coffee, which has Lyon’s Corn Whiskey, Bar Keep lavender organic bitters, with coffee and chicory topped with whipped honey-sweetened cream.

Second is Plowman’s Tonic, which features Lyons Dark Rum, Godiva Chocolate (no local source for chocolate liqueur), muddled mint leaf, and whipped honey-sweetened cream. Both will be available for $5.00 each.

All proceeds and donations go to support the historic Goshen Farm preservation project, so come on out for a relaxing afternoon of good food and music to support a good cause.  Admission is free but donations are welcome. See you there!

For more info on Goshen Farm, click here.

It’s a new year, and along with it comes a new venue for the Jazz Perpetrators. Join them as they make their Baltimore debut on Saturday, January 6th at Bookmakers Cocktail Club, a sophisticated  cocktail and supper club located 31 East Cross St. in the heart of Federal Hill.

Starting at 9pm, the Perps will deliver their patented “high spirits, low volume” approach to jazz that won’t hurt your ears or make you wonder what happened to the melody. And with vocalist Sterling Dorn (aka Mister Smooth), the band’s music is even more listener friendly than ever.

Now that you’ve survived the holidays and all that shopping/traveling hustle & bustle, reward yourself with a relaxing evening out with the Perps as they help smooth your way back into the groove; it’s the present you owe yourself.

Bookmakers is located right on the south side of E. Cross Street, between Light and S. Charles Street. Easy to get to, but – with all the fine food, drink and music – hard to leave.

See you there!

Bookmakers web site:

Bookmakers Facebook:

June Jazz with The Perps

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Latest News

One day it’s summer, the next day it’s not. But even if you can’t count on the weather, you can always count on the Jazz Perpetrators to get your toes tapping and your head bobbing with some smooth sounds. This Friday, June 9, the Perps will perform at the John Barry Pub in Annapolis, delivering their patented “high spirits/low volume” music to get your weekend off to the right start.

The fun starts at 7:30 and goes to 11pm or whenever. Come check out their special guest vocalist Sterling Dorn who will get you in a happy mood as he adds his special touch to the band’s entertaining blend of jazz classics and smooth R&B.

The hotel and pub are located at 174 West Street, just a few blocks west of Church Circle near downtown Annapolis. And don’t worry about parking; the restaurant offers free valet parking in the hotel’s private lot.

See you Friday!

Jazz Perps Make Parole And Music

Posted: February 20, 2016 in Latest News

And where, pray tell, have your favorite musical miscreants, the Jazz Perpetrators, been lo these many months? Does the term “extended house arrest” mean anything to you? Well, now that the ankle bracelets have come off, the Perps are once again free to roam far and wide, spreading their patented “high spirits, low volume” philosophy in person.

In celebration of their new lease on life, the Perps will be bringing a batch of new material with them to their debut at a new venue: the John Barry Restaurant and Pub in the O’Callaghan Hotel, located at 174 West Street, just a few blocks west of Church Circle near downtown Annapolis. And forget about parking hassles – the restaurant offers free valet parking in the rear – doesn’t get much easier than that, folks!

So come out on Sunday, March 6 (from 7 to 10 pm) and check out the new 2016 edition of the Jazz Perpetrators. We’re not making any promises, but you just might see some special guests sitting in, too.

Boppin’ the Burnie with Bob

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Latest News

Your favorite musical miscreants, the Jazz Perpetrators, are celebrating a special event with a special gig this Friday, February 27, at one of their old stomping grounds, the Thai Café in Glen Burnie.

Original Perp founder Bob “Superbad” Cuellar, all-around hip guy and purveyor of Hammond organ funkitude, is getting ready to leave cloudy/rainy/snowy Maryland behind and permanently relocate to year-‘round-sunny Florida. Although he won’t be departing until June, he’s got plenty to keep him busy between now and then in order to get ready for the move, so his fellow Perps have decided to get ahead of the curve and throw him a party/open jam while he’s still got some time on his calendar.

Because the Thai Café is the birthplace of the band, this will be a special night, so come on out and get down with Mister Superbad and his fellow Perps. All of our musician friends are welcome to come and sit in with us as the music kicks off around 7:30-8pm, depending on how much Thai beer is consumed before then.

The award-winning Thai Café is located at 7477 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. in downtown Glen Burnie. For directions and menu, check out their web site at:

See you there, weather permitting (which is the main reason Bob’s heading south in his bad-ass Mustang convertible).

Santa’s greasing up the runners of the sled, the reindeer are working out in the gym, elves are making toys, and you’re probably looking for a place to get away from it all before the whole thing explodes in a pepperminty blast of Amazon overnight shipping, mobs at the mall, and light stringing (whoops, another one just went out).

Relax and get into the hipper side of Christmas by coming on down to the Crush Kitchen & Wine House in Annapolis on Thursday, December 18 to get an earful of Santa’s sonic merrymakers, the Jazz Perpetrators. The Perps will start their holiday hootin’ and honkin’ at 8pm and continue until 11, which coincidentally is exactly the same as their usual gig time.

So give yourself the gift of relaxation before the madness kicks into high gear and drives you completely nuts. You’ll thank yourself for it, even if you really do like fruit cake. (Honestly, who eats that?)

Crush is located at 114 West Street in Annapolis, right next to the Loews Annapolis Hotel and just a few blocks from Church Circle. Dinner reservations can be made by phone (410-216-9444) or online:

Pre-Turkey Time with the Perps

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Latest News

Everybody knows November is turkey time. You know the drill: turkey with all the trimmings; pumpkin this and pumpkin that, cranberry stains on your good clothes (that stain is cranberry sauce, isn’t it? Where were you on the night of – never mind, just kidding!), football on the tube, your drunk uncle passed out on the sofa, kids spilling everything that can be spilled at the kids table. Really looking forward to it, aren’t you?

Aren’t you?

Well, just in case you need a little adult fortification to loosen you up and prepare you for what’s coming, come on down to Crush Kitchen & Wine House in Annapolis on Thursday, November 20 to get an earful of everybody’s favorite musical turkeys, the Jazz Perpetrators. The Perps will start their jazzy rizmanizing at 8pm and continue to the pre-witching hour of 11. As usual, they will adhere to their philosophy of “high spirits, low volume” so you can leave the ear plugs at home. Crush is located at 114 West Street in Annapolis, right next to the Loews Hotel and just a few blocks from Church Circle. Dinner reservations can be made by phone (410-216-9444) or online: