Swing into the Holidays with The Perps

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Latest News

Santa’s greasing up the runners of the sled, the reindeer are working out in the gym, elves are making toys, and you’re probably looking for a place to get away from it all before the whole thing explodes in a pepperminty blast of Amazon overnight shipping, mobs at the mall, and light stringing (whoops, another one just went out).

Relax and get into the hipper side of Christmas by coming on down to the Crush Kitchen & Wine House in Annapolis on Thursday, December 18 to get an earful of Santa’s sonic merrymakers, the Jazz Perpetrators. The Perps will start their holiday hootin’ and honkin’ at 8pm and continue until 11, which coincidentally is exactly the same as their usual gig time.

So give yourself the gift of relaxation before the madness kicks into high gear and drives you completely nuts. You’ll thank yourself for it, even if you really do like fruit cake. (Honestly, who eats that?)

Crush is located at 114 West Street in Annapolis, right next to the Loews Annapolis Hotel and just a few blocks from Church Circle. Dinner reservations can be made by phone (410-216-9444) or online: http://www.crushwinehouse.com.

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