Jazz Perps: 5/5 Alive at Pirates Cove

Posted: April 30, 2019 in Latest News

Photo by Betsy Kehne

That great American holiday, Cinco de Mayo, is coming up this Sunday, and what better way to celebrate it than by cutting loose and relaxing with your favorite musical miscreants, the Jazz Perpetrators, at Pirates Cove in Galesville on that very day from 3 until 7pm.


Cinco de Mayo (or 5/5, the Fifth of May, for all us no hablo gringos) is the perfect opportunity to get your beans jumping to the snappy sounds of the Perps as they spice up the afternoon with their special blend of smooth jazz, Latin and R&B favorites, all guaranteed to keep the party going. Sit back and relax with some great food and drink or get up and dance as the Perps do their thing without messing up your thing with unnecessary volume.


Pirates Cove is located just minutes south of the border (the border of Annapolis, that is) at 4817 Riverside Drive in Galesville, so come out and enjoy the afternoon with the Perps in the relaxing waterside setting of the Cove’s bar. “Si” you there, amigo!


(Disclaimer: Cinco de Mayo should not be confused with Sinko da Bismark, a maritime holiday celebrated every year by the British Royal Navy.)


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