Perps Debut South of the Border

Posted: October 29, 2019 in Latest News

The Jazz Perpetrators will be heading south of the border this Sunday, November 3, crossing over from Maryland into Virginia to play for the Sunday brunch at the Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria from 10am until 2pm.

Having repeatedly entertained Blackwall Hitch diners at the restaurant’s Annapolis location since early this year, the Perps will now provide their special “high spirits, low volume” musical backdrop for the Blackwall Hitch’s popular Sunday brunch at the chain’s Old Town Alexandria location at 5 Cameron Street. As per management request, this will be an all-instrumental appearance.

So start your Sunday with the perfect 1-2 combination: excellent dining complimented by the Perps’ smooth musical ambiance. It’s worth getting up early for.

For more information on the Blackwall Hitch, please see their website:


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