Jazz Perpetrators Play Entrepreneur’s Exchange Gig

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Jazz Perpetrators provided musical ambiance for the Annapolis Entrepreneur’s Exchange at that group’s annual membership appreciation party held at Homestead Gardens in mid-October. Brought back by popular demand generated by their performance at the previous EE party, the Perps kept things swinging with the unique high-spirited/low-volume approach they’re rapidly becoming known for.

Applying their formula of maximum talent + minimum volume = audience enjoyment, the Perps provided the perfect backdrop for EE members to relax, unwind and get their party groove on without going deaf in the process.

The Perps front line of Stu “Big Air” Bailey on saxes, Bob “Superbad” Cuellar on organ and Jim “Mister Smooth” Hession on piano kept the tunes flowing, supported by the band’s propulsive arrhythmia section of upright bass (provided on this gig by Jeff Bailey) and Stanley Hall on those jungle drums. All night long fingers were snapped and toes were tapped as the sleek combo did it again this year for the entrepreneurs and their guests.

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