Perps Set to Jazz Up the Entreperneurs Exchange

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Jazz Perpetrators are set to jazz up the Entrepreneurs Exchange Signature Mixer this Thursday, October 17, at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, just south of Annapolis. The fun runs from 6 to 8 pm.

This event, EE’s fourth annual signature mixer, will feature the drawing for EE’s “Encredible Raffle” along with the Perps own special brand of high-spirited/low volume jazz-ma-nazz. Come join local movers and shakers (unlike Congress they know how to get things done) as they catch up with each other, make new contacts, exchange ideas, and generally celebrate life as it should be.

So put on your schmoozing shoes on and head on down for an evening of networking and relaxation, good food & drink and music that won’t rattle your teeth!  Homestead Gardens is located at 743 West Central Avenue in Davidsonville.  Admission to the mixer is $35 for EE members, $45 for non-members until October 16, then the price goes up by $5 on event day.  For info or to buy your tickets in advance, visit

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