June Is Busting Out All Over with the Perps

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

June is busting out all over, as the song goes; and as the song goes, so goes that merry bunch of tunesmiths, the Jazz Perpetrators. The Perps (the combo that looks good in orange) will keep things cooking with their trademark high spirited/low volume musical high jinks this Thursday, June 19, at the Crush Kitchen & Wine House, located at 114 West Street in Annapolis, right next to Loews Hotel and just a few blocks from Church Circle.

Crazy as June bugs and ready to swing into the summer season, the Perps will perform as a quartet for your dining and dancing pleasure while founding Perp Bob “Sexual Healing” Cuellar checks out the pool at his new home in Florida. (Some guys have all the luck.) So come on out, have a drink and soak up the soothing sounds of a band that knows how to get your toes tapping without making your ears bleed.

Dinner reservations can be made by phone (410-216-9444) or online: http://www.crushwinehouse.com.

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