The Perps in February: No Snow Job

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Your favorite musical miscreants, the Jazz Perpetrators (also known local law and jazz enforcement officials as The Perps, The Orange Jumpsuit Specials, The Consultants of Swing and “those bums”) will be making their next musical smash & grab this coming Thursday, February 20, at the Crush Kitchen & Wine House, located at 114 West Street in ye olde colonial Annapolis. The groove kicks in at a civilized 8pm, so you won’t have to fight rush hour to catch the first tune, if you’re so inclined.

Playing jazz may be a crime, but at least the Perps won’t be breaking any noise ordinances (or eardrums) when they swing into action with their patented combination of high spirits at low volume. Dine, drink and chat away with your friends without having to resort to writing on napkins, using sign language, or texting to communicate with your dining companion(s). (WARNING: If you’re going to sit there and text all night, you won’t be able to use the band’s volume as an excuse – better think up another one ahead of time.)

So take a break from the snow, snow, snow and come and see the Perps show, show, show you how to have a relaxing evening out. Crush – located at 114 West Street, next to Loews Hotel and just a few blocks from Church Circle – is an ideal spot for kicking back with a glass of wine, some great food and friends and catching the Perps’ special brand of sophisticated sonic ambiance. Swing on down and get your grape on – the food and drink is available all night, and the band plays from 8 until their parole officer shows up. See you there!

Dinner reservations can be made by phone (410-216-9444) or online:

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