Perps – Late in the Evening

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Perps’ next monthly jazz-a-ma-tazz, to be held this Sunday, November 6, at the John Barry Restaurant and Pub in the O’Callaghan Hotel in Annapolis, will be starting a little later than usual. This new start time (8 o’clock) has been necessitated by an altercation with the nefarious Jazz Police. Seems that one of the Perps was ALLEGEDLY – we repeat “ALLEGEDLY” – caught playing “Take 5” on four trash cans in the alley behind Blues Alley in the middle of the day during a weekday. This – IF true – is an infraction of several Jazz Tenets: 1) no playing in the daytime; 2) never play in 5/4 without warning everyone within earshot; 3) never get caught in an alley (Blues or otherwise) unless you’re drunk or shooting up.

As punishment for this infraction, this particular Perp has been assigned to play at an all-day polka marathon at an Überstumpfentanzentrinkenfest which will cause him to arrive later than the normal 7 pm start time for the Perps gig. The only way he could get to the gig on time would be if he didn’t stop to change out of his lederhosen, knee socks, and tyrolean hat, which he has refused to do. The band and their musicians-union-appointed lawyer apologize for this delayed start time but if it’s any consolation, the case is still under appeal.

The hotel and pub are located at 174 West Street, just a few blocks west of Church Circle near downtown Annapolis. And forget about parking hassles, the restaurant offers free valet parking in the rear.

See you on Sunday with an eight o’clock start!

More about the O’Callaghan here:

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