August Wrap-Up at The O’Callaghan

Posted: August 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

This Friday, August 11, marks the final installment of the Jazz Perpetrators’ monthly residency at the John Barry Pub in the O’Callaghan Hotel in Annapolis. The hotel has recently been sold and will be closing in the fall for renovations. As usual, the fun will start at 7:30 and go to 11-ish.

The Perps have enjoyed their extended run at the Pub and would like to say for the record that they had nothing to do with any of the damage done to Room 310 and that no one in the band even owns a chain saw or flare gun. It must have been Keith Moon and/or Elvis Presley, both of whom suspiciously continue to remain mum about their whereabouts on the date of the incident.

The pub is at street level in the O’Callaghan Hotel located at 174 West Street near downtown Annapolis. The hotel is just a short stroll along West Street from Church Circle, and if you’re driving, take advantage of the free valet parking in the hotel’s private lot.

Look for the Perps soon at other neighboring locales; until then, we’ll see you Friday!

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